A Glimpse to Paradise

As a child, I had different perceptions about military service as a woman. To be honest, I never thought that I would end up as an observer. Honestly, becoming an observer is probably the best thing that happened to me so far. I have never been surrounded by such a strong female community. My friends teach me every single day about friendship, strength and adaptation through their work ethics.

Covid has changed the plans for many and even though I still have a routine as a soldier, I do feel the changes we go through. The past two weeks have probably been the hardest for many of my friends. The pandemic have forced us to deal with problems that we are not familiar with and do the best to continue our mission and protect the Israeli citizens. These changes show me on a daily basis how much the girls care for each other and all I want is to stay strong for them. Their strength is also reflected in the way we protect the borders of our country.

The last week have taught me the importance of adaptation, in the military but also in my own life as a grown up. Covid is only an obstacle, yet to overcome it we need strength and faith in ourselves. That is what military service as a woman and an observer is all about.

Yes. Sometimes it feels like we are in an infinite tunnel but once I see a few rays of light, I know I took a glimpse to paradise.

My 20th Birthday

Today, as I turn 20, I start viewing life differently. I understand that the most important investment isn’t neccesserily the one that gets you a new outfit nor a one you profit from. No. The best investment is the one that changes you for good. It has been a crazy year for me; global pandemic, military service, new environment and old dreams. This note is going to be my guideline and hopefully the next time I read it is on my 21st birthday. This is a note for me, future me actually, who is going to rock this world. I hope the next year is going to be even better than the previous one. I hope to make a positive impact on my community and achieve all the goals I pray for at 11:11 every single day. I’ve already taken small steps to start with but it is time to take some big ones.

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