Nailed it!

I did it! I finally finished my military service which means… colourful nails! I missed the freedom of choosing the perfect colour to express feelings or just match my outfits throughout each season. For this special occasion, I decided to paint my nails in red. This was probably one of the most exciting moments I had this week. I know that I share this feeling with many of my girl friends but this does not apply to my guy friends, why?

When I ask guys about men painting their nails I almost immediately get answers like “nail polish is for girls” or “only women care about getting their nails done,” which might have been true 20 years ago but not anymore. More than that, even those who are interested in applying nail polish wouldn’t say anything about it so that their friends would make fun of them. Our society have changed so much and for some reason it seems like when we talk about some basic actions that defined femininity and masculinity in the past are still applicable in the present. This is true to other aspects as well: clothing, home chores, sports, occupation and even education. Gender roles and gender inequality are not supposed to be a thing in or lives and the question is what can we do to make this gap a little smaller?

First, accept people’s way of expressing themselves, regardless of their gender or identity. If we give each other a safe place to be who they are, we’ll get a community that all its individuals can freely and safely express their true selves.

Second, raise awareness! It is great that each one of us has mad a step towards a safer community but that’s not enough to make a change. T o make an actual change we need more and more people to progress. The best way is to talk about issues regarding gender roles and norms with friends, family, neighbours or even share content on social media.

Lastly, educate! In my opinion, this one is the most important one to actually build a stable community. To make sure a change isn’t just a temporary change we need to make sure that next generations understand this as well. It is so important to talk with young kids about this because they eventually will become the adults that teach their kids and so on. Moreover, if from a young age we make sure that kids know that gender roles are only imaginary roles, it will be so obvious for them that they can do whatever they want and become whoever they want (with hard work and dedication of course)!

This is, like many other changes society had faced throughout history, is a progress. It will not happen tomorrow. With that being said I hope that soon our global community will be a safe place to all its individuals, regardless of gender, identity or ethnicity.

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Women’s Day- Is it necessary?

On women’s day we celebrate the of the existence and the hard work of different women in our lives. I spent the majority of this day with the most powerful woman in my life- my mom.

When I think about it on a deeper level, I am surrounded by strong women- my mom and sister, friends and colleagues. My job in the military is all about strong women working together, protecting the Israel’s borders and citizens. I am glad women’s day exists but I don’t need such a day to acknowledge the hard work of all these strong women in my life.

What does it say about us as a global community, who needs the existence of such a day to understand that women can achieve whatever they want and be whoever they want? Why don’t we have international men’s day? In the 21st century we would probably expect men and women to be equal, yet in fact the existence of women’s day only tells us that as a community we still have a very long journey until we finally reach equality.

I hope that in the near future the number of female doctors (surgeons in particular), politician, business owners, CEOs, military officers and so on, will equal their male companions. I hope that our future society will normalize the discussion about periods, body hair and sexuality. That we will teach men not to rape instead of teaching women self defense.

Until that happens, YES. We do need women’s day. I hope that our future generation would learn about such a day only in History class and would never understand the need of such a day.

A Glimpse to Paradise

As a child, I had different perceptions about military service as a woman. To be honest, I never thought that I would end up as an observer. Honestly, becoming an observer is probably the best thing that happened to me so far. I have never been surrounded by such a strong female community. My friends teach me every single day about friendship, strength and adaptation through their work ethics.

Covid has changed the plans for many and even though I still have a routine as a soldier, I do feel the changes we go through. The past two weeks have probably been the hardest for many of my friends. The pandemic have forced us to deal with problems that we are not familiar with and do the best to continue our mission and protect the Israeli citizens. These changes show me on a daily basis how much the girls care for each other and all I want is to stay strong for them. Their strength is also reflected in the way we protect the borders of our country.

The last week have taught me the importance of adaptation, in the military but also in my own life as a grown up. Covid is only an obstacle, yet to overcome it we need strength and faith in ourselves. That is what military service as a woman and an observer is all about.

Yes. Sometimes it feels like we are in an infinite tunnel but once I see a few rays of light, I know I took a glimpse to paradise.

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