Independence Day and Everything in Between

Independence Day has always been very special to me. As a daughter of immigrants, I grew up knowing that living in Israel should never be taken for granted. Generations over generations, dreaming to get a chance to visit Jerusalem, let alone celebrating the existence of a prospering Jewish state.

So now, as I proudly wear my IDF uniform and spend my time protecting the borders of Israel with Gaza, I can tell that I live the dream of many. I am so thankful for that. If I am being honest, I really wanted to celebrate the holiday with family and friends. However, there is nothing I enjoy more than celebrating holidays in the army, it just feels different. Getting no sleep for days and spending the very few spare hours I have preparing and planning a big party or a meal for my friends. This makes me so happy.

For Independence Day my friends and I went to the nearby shopping center and got lot’s of food and decorations for the party, and even got to eat breakfast in a small a restaurant. We really did use the time off base to enjoy and forget all the problems we had over the last week.

During the day we didn’t do anything special but yesterday evening, right before I was going to get some sleep before finally going home, a rocket was fired from the strip toward an Israeli settlement in Southern Israel. As we do our best to ensure the safety of the troops and Israeli citizens I realised that what I do is way better than eating steaks at the park- I make sure that Israel will be able to celebrate its 74th birthday!

Happy Independence Day! Here are some pictures from the party:

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