Women’s Day- Is it necessary?

On women’s day we celebrate the of the existence and the hard work of different women in our lives. I spent the majority of this day with the most powerful woman in my life- my mom.

When I think about it on a deeper level, I am surrounded by strong women- my mom and sister, friends and colleagues. My job in the military is all about strong women working together, protecting the Israel’s borders and citizens. I am glad women’s day exists but I don’t need such a day to acknowledge the hard work of all these strong women in my life.

What does it say about us as a global community, who needs the existence of such a day to understand that women can achieve whatever they want and be whoever they want? Why don’t we have international men’s day? In the 21st century we would probably expect men and women to be equal, yet in fact the existence of women’s day only tells us that as a community we still have a very long journey until we finally reach equality.

I hope that in the near future the number of female doctors (surgeons in particular), politician, business owners, CEOs, military officers and so on, will equal their male companions. I hope that our future society will normalize the discussion about periods, body hair and sexuality. That we will teach men not to rape instead of teaching women self defense.

Until that happens, YES. We do need women’s day. I hope that our future generation would learn about such a day only in History class and would never understand the need of such a day.

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